About us

Our company is created in 2021 to provide the best ICT services and products. Our goal is to satisfy customers.

Customers in our company can use various services such as system installation, software installation, operating systems services, computer help, purchase of computer, mobile and network products.

You have in our home page two options to chose, “ICT services” and “Webshop”.

In our Ict services page you can see which services we provide to our customers and if you want to visit our product and purchase them you will go to webshop page.

We have tried to make our website very clean and very easy to use for customers. There is two version of our website (English and Dutch). You can go to dutch version of our website by clicking on the button “Wenoni(Nederlands)” on top and bottom of the website.

Companys info

KVK 84009136
BTW NL003898903B84
IBAN: NL36 INGB 0007 2822 29