Our Services


Of course, no one wants to be unable to continue working because there is a malfunction. With this, Wenoni is happy to help you solve that malfunction. We first try to help you remotely, if necessary we will make an appointment with you to visit. You Paid When The Problem Is Solved.

Help during work with an app

Are you having trouble working with a particular program and need help? We are happy to help you.

Buy a new Device

You can also contact us for advice on purchasing new equipment. We are happy to advise you and ensure that everything meets your wishes.

Only at Wenoni

Delete spam and unnecessary e-mails

There will be more than 50 emails that we will never check. many of these emails are unnecessary, some are spams, advertisements, links sent by hackers, viruses, etc. Our customers want to get rid of them. therefore Wenoni deletes all these mails like from your mailbox. You will no longer receive them after these emails have been deleted.