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Our company was founded for the purpose of providing computer services. The satisfaction of our customers is very important that is why we strive to provide our customers with the best service.


Of course, no one wants to be unable to continue working because there is a malfunction. With this, Wenoni is happy to help you solve that malfunction. We first try to help you remotely, if necessary we will make an appointment with you to visit. You Paid When The Problem Is Solved.

Help during work with an app

Are you having trouble working with a particular program and need help? We are happy to help you.

Buy a new Device

You can also contact us for advice on purchasing new equipment. We are happy to advise you and ensure that everything meets your wishes.

At Wenoni you only pay when the problem has been solved


At wenoni we solve all your IT problems such as problems with windows, office, internet, etc.

Selling products

We sell peripherals, laptops, PCs. do you want to buy a new device? Please do not hesitate to contact us


We install, set up and configure your network. WiFi amplifiers, server, router and modem, WiFi mesh.

Do you have a question?
Please do not hesitate to contact us

We are ready to help

Together we make the IT simpler. There is no problem that is not solved me Wenoni.

John Doe
We always try to provide the best services, our Customer needs are our number 1 priority.

Mr Amn
Many satisfied customers, this makes us very happy. One of the best companies in the ICT field with years of experience in background.
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We Are IT Masters

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